1. My oldest brother had one puppy remaining 6 years ago and I happily acquired an adorable black lab puppy. She is registered under the name Hailey’s Abbie the Labby, but gladly comes running if you call “ABBIE!” or when food is being poured into her bowl.
  2. I was offered a scholarship to play Volleyball at a school 2 hours away from home. Two hours! I kick myself every time I think about it, but at the time it was too far from home. Oh what could have been!
  3. Melvin the Magnificent. Thank goodness no one from middle school remembers that was me! Melvin the Magnificent was a play produced by the music teacher put on by all of the 4th grade classes (around 120 students). Melvin was magnificent! She went from place to place exploring outter space to exploring Africa. I did have a co-star, thank goodness! I couldn’t have gotten in front of everyone and sang and danced alone. Thank you Shannon!
  4. Since the time I could drive I have always owned a truck. I love trucks! I love the feeling of driving a truck. But if given the chance, I could see myself in a Corvette or a Range Rover or a Cadillac of some sort.
  5. In college I was a member of the East Central University Choir.
  6. Last year, August to be exact, I have had my heart set on a WHITE IPhone 4. A girlfriend of mine calls me a “brat” because I could get a black IPhone 4 if I wanted, but I just smile back at her because I know she is just missing with me.  Now that the new Iphone5’s will be coming out soon (I hope), looks like I might not get my white IPhone after all.
  7. I have never had Chicken Pox!

I know it sais seven things, but I couldn’t delete any of the previous seven so I’m adding an eighth!

     8.   The class I looked forward to most in college was Sign Language. I wish I wouldn’t have strayed away from it because I loved it, but life happens and computers were my destiny.

Why Teachers Challenge?

January 11, 2011

I received an email from a colleague about the Teachers Challenge but wasn’t too interested in it at first. “I’m too busy” and “Do I even want to do this?” crossed my mind. I went back and took a second look; read all about the challenge and thought about why I really wasn’t “stepping up to the plate”. Yes, my life is busy, but so is everyone else’s. The colleague of mine is a great teacher. Always coming up with ways to better her students’ experiences in the classroom and engage them in different ways of learning. My competitive side started to come out…I joined the “Challenge”. Now, Tiffany (my colleague) and I are starting this wonderful learning experience together. Batter up!